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I havenít read the Apollo fight manuals as yet, only the Project Mercury flight manuals but intend to eventually get around to reading them
As a kid growing up in the 60ís I watched most of the Gemini and Apollo missions on my parents tiny black and white PYE TV. My Aunt married a US marine on leave in Sydney and moved to the US in the late 40ís and eventually worked for Rockwell in LA who was a major Apollo contractor. She always sent across to me Space / Apollo related gifts for my birthdays.
I was immersed in the space race and the ultimate achievement of the human race setting foot on another celestial body

After retiring last year my wife and I , as part of a Canada / US trip , visited the Kennedy Space Centre over 3 days. The excitement that the Apollo program gave me as a kid was put into reality 50 years later touring through the KSC.These days the whole complex sits dormant with the exception of Blue Origin and Space X facilities but I could only image what is was like during Apollo era

As yes everyone has to get a photo standing below a Saturn 5 ( this one would have been Apollo 18 or 19 ?? ) The most incredible machine humankind has ever created , absolutely enormous !!!

Thanks for posting the article and I will certainly get around to reading the Apollo flight manuals

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