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Originally Posted by JeniSkunk View Post
Thank you very much for this, Gary

This is a great read.

I missed the Kickstarter for the Apollo 11 Flight Plan Re-Issue. I had too many other Kickstarters I was actively backing at that same time, to be able to also cover backing that one.
Thanks Jen,

It would be wonderful to have a hard copy but if you don't already have it, you can find a PDF copy of the Apollo 11 Flight Plan here :-

Relish in the beauty of the graphic design of its timeline!

Note details such as the graphical representations of the view of Earth at 72:00 and the star sextant alignment field of view at the 79:52 point
on pages 158 & 166, respectively.

See also
where our own steely-eyed missile man Dennis possibly spotted a typo.
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