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for the reply Chris,

Link to camera details... sorry I miss typed the model number .

I have 3 different telescopes to experiment with...

Celestron Astromaster 130 on an EQ3 mount with RA drive
Skywatcher SW708 on an EQ3 mount with RA drive
Celestron Celestar 8 on an HEQ5 mount

Ultimately, I simply want to document what I find along the way. Not interested in publishing super detailed colour photographs, more interested in the journey. As long as the camera will capture what I see visually (or close enough) I will be happy. The video observing aspect is appealing when its 2 am and near freezing, I can setup earlier when its warmer and then relax inside with a hot cuppa and peruse the galaxy, but that is a future wishlist project.

I realise the equipment I have is not optimal for any one objective, but for now I only want to get proficient with post processing and understanding the affects of FoV and focal length on how I capture my journey.

I don't have a focal reducer for the 8" SCT so it will probably be dedicated to planetary for now, this is my pride and joy until I get a larger aperture . The 5" newt has seen its better days, was my practice dummy for cleaning mirrors, collimating, general learning of optics . The 70mm refractor was a cheap buy to get a feel for what a refractor looks like .

I also have a couple of barlows to experiment with, X2 and X3, along with various filters, including a LP filter. There's no dedicated video monitor, will be a 13" laptop running Windows 10. I have already captured some video and have been trying to get something out of Registax 6 but have not been very successful. Just not getting the hang of how to configure the aligment step, too many things I don't know enough about, and have not been able to find explanations for easily. Been searching the forum but finding mostly specific fixes for specific problems, no general knowledge bases on the features and functions, is there a hidden forum page that you have to run barefoot through a thistle patch to get to?

So... to bring this novel to a close... any links would be greatly appreciated, because I'm not finding what will help me at the moment, as well as any further advice that comes to mind.

Oh... I'm already reading through Cloudy Nights, Video Astronomy forum, Stargazers lounge, and both ZWO and Registax websites. So much to try and sift through, so little time .
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