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Originally Posted by MattT View Post
Might have another in me too With a non-portable rig like mine the Revo 2 could be useful. So brother Adrian...reports please.

Whats the view like with a Achromatic Frac? Gotta a 10" Newt too.

The AR102 worked really well. With the IR filter and reducer the stars were rather small and pinpoint which is good. Also even at F3 the stars when in focus looked round at the edge of the image frame. When observing in "day" mode - essentially colour imaging I couldn't see any purple fringing. After about 3 images being stacked I could pick up individual star colours like orange. Bright blue stars tended to be white. I never noticed purple fringing even once.

Globular's are quite colourful. Tend to be orange in colour. But then, they would be as they are some of the oldest objects in our galaxy.
Naturally, Omega Centurai is amazing to look at. But, its those somewhat dimmer globs like M4 that are amazing. That apparent bar shaped of stars going across it is obvious and it out shined even the best my 12" could show at a very dark sky site.

At F3 the exposure times were so short that in those conditions I was hitting diminishing returns after the 3rd or 4th exposure. About 20 seconds worth. Probably due to the overwhelming light pollution robbing me of the more delicate details in images.

On a side note thanks to adjustable settings of the camera + the UV/IR filter the images were still dark in the back ground and not washed out at all. Even if the sky was light blue when I spent time on M4.

You can pull in a bit more contrast in your images if you image in "night" mode which is essentially black and white.

More to come. When the night is clear and the moon has chilled out a bit.

This is such a revelation for me in Astronomy that the contents of my eyepiece case is in serious jeopardy.

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