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Originally Posted by Logieberra View Post
AP mounts seem to revolve around this central 'Park' concept. Can you demystify it? And what's this new Park 4? Coming from a MX, w' start up homing in both Dec and RA, software programmable park positions in SkyX, and very repeatable pointing night after night, I was spoilt...

Mainly, does starting from a pre existing AP park position guarantee the same superb, repeatable pointing; subject of course to underlying modeling, accurate site data, PA and all that, without the need to Recalibrate each time?
Essentially yes!

Once polar aligned and synced to the sky, I park the scope at night and the next night just unpark it and slew to the target. I don't bother with modeling as my setup is temporary - pointing is usually accurate enough for plate solving in Maxim with pinpoint LE. Accuracy after a meridian flip is obviously dependent on how orthogonal your OTA is to the RA axis.

I don't believe this sort of behaviour is exceptional when compared to other mounts, but it's definitely reliable.

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