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Originally Posted by Satchmo View Post
Its more about the length and diameter of the tube having a big moment arm for vibration - I doubt the EQ8 would handle an RC 16 effectively. What do others think ?
Originally Posted by Paul Haese View Post
Mark if the RC16 is a truss which I am told it will be. Then it might not be a problem. The new truss design looks good and very light, so the moment arm might not be such a problem. That said I don't know if the EQ8 could really guide with that size scope on it. My gut feel is maybe.
I think the EQ8 maxes out at a 14" short tube. It handles my SCT and anything I care to hang off it with ease, but 16" would be going too far. It would handle it in much the same way as a 14" on a G11; possible but not pretty!

Unless it is outstandingly light and rebadged the RC16 Air...
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