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Originally Posted by gregbradley View Post
It seems you have clearly established its to do with the corrector.

But it may be that the threads on the corrector are not orthogonal.
Stephen Buda has done work for others fixing out of square threads.

It may be better to open up a communication with him and see if he will remachine the threads on your corrector and fix them up.

Whose to say if you get a new corrector you simply get the same problem?

Cheers Greg, good enough that someone agrees with my line of thinking.

I thought about contacting him to see if he can fix it, but ultimately that's guaranteed money and maybe it can be fixed.

I decided to just buy a new Paracorr Type 2 which I've just ordered.

Originally Posted by multiweb View Post
I feel for you Lee. This tweaking can be a real pita. Don't have anything else to comment on tilt that you haven't already covered but just more thing to consider. The orientation of your primary. Try to rotate it 90 degrees in its cell then check the field again until you zero in the sweet spot.
Thanks Marc... yeah sometimes I wonder if this hobby is the reason I'm going bald more than the genetic factors I first assumed ;-)
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