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Thanks for the detailed advice, appreciate it :-)

I think I can safely rule out anything in the scope by virtue of the fact that the issue rotates with the corrector+imaging train. If it was collimation, or one of the mirrors or anything like that, the aberrations would not have rotated with the corrector+imaging train and thus the position of the bad stars would have changed relative to the camera and they did not.

I'm convinced that this is either a tilted corrector or a faulty one, it's just a matter of which and I don't see a way I can prove either one with a great deal of confidence. I think I'm just going to buy a new Paracorr Type 2.

As for what type of corrector, I purchased it secondhand but it's an oooooold Paracorr with no tunable top... no Tele Vue markings or manual or anything with it so really it could be anything, just relying on the honesty of the seller there.
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