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Steel pier - gussets or not?

Hi guys,
I'm still trying to come up with a pier design for my site with limited vehicle access on top of a hill covered by 2 m tall shrubs. My plan is to use a 2 m steel pier bolted to a pad footing in a clearing and surround it by a 1 m deck so I can see above shrubs. I've read that pipe diameter is key, but the weight of large diameter 2 m pipes is huge. I have a 2 m, 140 mm D, 5 mm wall pipe that weights 35 kg - about as much as I can manage up the hill. I realise it's narrower & thinner than ideal, but wondering if I weld 4 full-length gussets on will that help, or will that potentially create lines of weakness? (see pic)
I'm willing to wheel barrow in concrete for footing, but want to minimise how many loads, so I'm not keen on a 2 m concrete pillar. I don't plan on putting a big load on pier, likely 20 kg max for mount & scope.
As usual, any criticisms of my plan are welcome as I don't want to waste my time and energy if it's unlikely to work.
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