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Thanks Glen..most timely the damn glue did not work and I have been wondering how to fix the situation. I went out and the foam had come away and the glue still wet...I am not sure it will take to the iron but I will wait until it dries.
The glue needs more time I think and I am doing a trial now ..but how to hold these foam blocks in place had me thinking.Your idea gives me an idea.I think some rope and some wood blocks may do it..hold it in place until it dries..I don't mind spending the money on glue if it works.

Thanks you again have helped me.

I was going to use contact adhesive which I thought should be good but the guy in Bunnings said with the heat of the iron it would not work and recommended this stuff I used...I reckon contact adhesive should work..anyways it's going up even if I have to screw it in place..just sent to irritate me is all..
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