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I should of mentioned that there is a few steps involved in it.
Just done it myself and worked a charm, opens MOV files now, no need for a separate program.

So basically you download the program from the link that i have updated.

Then you will get a compressed file called

When you click on that, you get a folder called ffmpeg-4.3.1-win64-static

When you click on that you get 3 folders and 2 what looks like documents.
Folder 1 is called bin
Folder 2 is called doc
Folder 3 is called presents.

Click on Folder 1 ( bin )
you get 3 exe files ffmpeg.exe ffplay.exe ffprobe.exe

Unzip or extract the file ffmpeg.exe

Then transfer this file over to the AutoStakkert file.

Now when you open up Autostakkert and click on the MOV file you want to open, it works like a charm.

Hope this helps a few out.
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