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Uploading videos into Autostakkert 3

I seam to having a bit of an issue uploading my video into Autostakkert 3

This is my first time attempting to take a video of Jupiter and processing it.

So the camera i am using is the Canon EOS 5DSR
I have downloaded the video from the camera onto my PC
I then opened up Autostakkert 3 and went to load the video into it

So after clicking on the open icon and then locating the video file on my PC,
Autostakkert tells me it can't read the file, the message comes back saying:
Could not open file 0E4A2853.MOV.AS! can only open uncompressed AVI or SER files, use PIPP for example to transform the file into something AS! can read.

So after all that, I am guessing the video that the Canon makes is not suitable for Autosatkkert to read or i have the camera video settings incorrect?
I have the movie rec. settings at 1920x1080 25 fps Editing (ALL-I ) FHD
the other options are:
1920x1080 25 fps Standard (IPB) FHD
640x480 24 fps Standard (IPB) VGA
1280x720 50 fps Editing (ALL-I) HD
1280x720 50 fps Standard (IPB) HD

Under image quality i have it set to RAW and JPEG, but think this setting only really relates to images not video, could be wrong there though.

Video system is set to PAL

I thought i could just transfer the image straight from my camera onto my PC, then straight from the PC into this program,
Do i have it wrong and have to have another program to change the video into something Autostakkert can read?

Any ideas or information on what i might be doing wrong would be greatly appreciated.
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