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Originally Posted by iceman View Post
Yep I couldn't figure out a 'better' name for it either. Lack imagination

Do you intend to use the first level as a category and the deeper levels as tags, or will you set it all up as a multi-level category structure?
I can imagine that using the lowest relevant level as tags/keywords could work.

My current thinking on top-level categories for SmugMug looks like the list below. In brackets are some possible gallery(=album) names inside those categories. And now that I think about it, I may not actually need to use sub-categories. Category-Gallery may be enough for me.

The Sun
The Moon [Phases, Moonrise/Moonset, Eclipses)
Planets [Conjunctions]
Comets, Asteroids & Meteors

Deep Sky [Galaxies, Nebula, Star Clusters]
Widefield [Milky Way, Constellations]

Night Sky Scenes [By place, event??]
Star Trails [??]
Timelapse Videos

EDIT: Also need to add Aurora in at the top level. Also Twilight?

There will also be some other top level categories for daytime stuff like Travel, Landscapes, Personal etc.

Still taking shape..
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