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Newtonian power! Love it!

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you got it peter technical twinkle fingers I am adept at making 5h17 work! and creating something from nothing without plans. As for the prisim. there is no prisim! its very rudimentry in application! I had purchased a waste of space little scope that could barely see a street light for my son ages ago so i sacrificed the diagonal and inserted it onto a 45 deg post here is the blog that has a few more images once i get my ass into gear ill take a picture of the pick mirror

Oh yeah gary I was in a rush when i did that little knob as it was 930pm and my gf at the time was whinging to get out of there hahaha so i wizzed it up with a mind to redo it soon. 8 months later. Hopefully ill get the whole thing annodised and sorted out.
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