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Originally Posted by Liz View Post
Well, have been trying to install my new Argo Navis over the last couple of days ..... has to be the dodgiest installation ever.
Have finally installed both encoders - no drill, so a bit of a mess hammering in, then screwing the screws, then I had them in wrong position, so did it all again!! RRRggghh. Anyway, all on, even tho I have somehow managed to put the altitude one on wrong side of rocker.
Today have been putting in data - home, lat and long, mount etc.
Dont know about the daytime test .... havent got anything outside to focus on - sea ast the front, and bush at the back
Not sure if this is necessary, but will give it all a go tonight, fingers crossed.
Been wading through the manual, trying to take in the important bits ,
hopefully I can get out tonight, do my 2 star alignment, and Bingo
Probably something else I need to do though
Hi Liz,

Thanks for the post.

Though you have it installed now, the Alt encoder can go either side of the rcker
box. There are a couple of menus of interest that appear under MODE SETUP,
one called SETUP ALT STEPS and the other SETUP AZ STEPS. When you enter
those menus they display both the number of encoder steps, which in your case
is 10,000 steps and a + or - sign in front of the those numbers which we call
the encoder direction sense signs. As it turns out, if one wishes to move the
Alt encoder from one side of the rocker to the other, the Alt encoder direction
sense simply needs reversing.

The first 30 or so pages is all you need to get up and going from putting the
batteries in, to performing the one-time setups to aligning the unit all the
way to a tutorial on how to tour galaxies in Fornax.

Those of us surrounded by trees, telegraph poles and other terrestrial obstructions
envy your location with an absence of these. For the time being you might
forgo the Daytime Encoder Test as you suggested and simply try to perform
an alignment and then GUIDE to an object.

If you find after a star alignment that the guide angles make no sense,
for example, they have you wanting to point the scope toward the ground
or 180 degrees in Az from where the target is, then almost certainly one
or more of your encoder direction sense signs needs reversing.

Good luck with the weather. We have been watching what a drenching parts
of Qld have been receiving so I hope clear skies are on the way.

Best Regards

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