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re short focal range lens

Thank you everyone who supplied info,a big thanks to BIMBO chaps,and in particular Troy,who really hit the nail on the head re info needed.

I went through my files,of the pics i want to do the range mostly used was 20mm to 40 mm, the F 2.8 is desirable as will be used in lower light
areas,also want to be a bit wider at times too.

The current 17 to 85,well after using those two L s and not having used it for ages,used it the other day-and well........

I thought of the 24-70,but Troy found what i thought,I feel after reading your post Troy-really usefull info,as you have phyiscally used many of lens mentioned,I was a bit concerned about build quality.

The other alternative is 16-35 L,the 10-22 sounds interesting for those
landscape shots etc,how much are they?are they a plastic lens.

thanks again everyone,Chris
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