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Originally Posted by Benny L View Post
the theory goes that the most simple optical design will be the sharpest.. that being said, I own/have used 70-200 f2.8 IS, 300mm f2.8L IS, 400mm f2.8L IS and all are razor sharp. I dare say you wont be able to tell the difference in the real world. As has been said only the pixel peepers will complain about sharpness, at the end of the day, if it is that much of a problem, you could go and buy some Zeiss glass
Even Zeiss is not always Zeiss .. Many Canon lenses are actually better.

Simple optical systems are not the sharpest, quite the contrary. Theory of optical systems is very complicated mathematical discipline, comparable to calculating the orbits of planets, for example.
All optical systems (lenses) are compromise between various requirements, and sometimes the sharpness (THE most important, measurable parameter) is compromised.
And there is nothing wrong about being pixel-peeper.... for 2k$ I would be proud to be called Pixel-peeper..

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