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Originally Posted by rat156 View Post
Umm, not to be a smartar$e, but the original question was SBIG or QHY9.
Your not Stuart, but Peter is bringing in the Sony Color sensor (ICX-453) and all other Sony sensors. The QHY-9 has a Kodak sensor like in every camera out there using the Kodak-8300, including the ST8300.
Why would you want to know about totally different cameras if the post is about the 2 competeing models asked ?, do you want a color camera with a Sony CCD?.
Lastly, what good would benefit you to know the QE of a different CCD powered camera to whats being compared ?, i can tell you the QE of Meades LPI camera, do you want that too ?.
This is my whole point.. Start another thread comparing QE's etc..


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