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Originally Posted by netwolf View Post
The Sbig and Qhy camera being discussed in the OP use the Kodak chip. What is the purpose of raising an issue about a Sony chip that is not even in the camera's being discussed. Based on the OP the discussion is comparing two camera with the same Kodak sensor, can we stay on topic here guys. Snip...
What's wrong with a three page discussion meandering a bit? The OP's intention was to discuss the finer points of the two cameras in question, but this, at least IMHO, requires that we bring up other products made by the two manufacturers in question. When someone asks about a particular product many people may recommend an alternative as they may know of a similar priced product which may suit the users needs more. I have no problem with the raising of the ST10 and QHY8 in this subject, in fact I would recommend that the OP look at an ST10 secondhand before buying anything new.

Originally Posted by netwolf View Post
My only experince with a SBIG was my friend ST-237 and it was the first hands on i had with a CCD camera. It was awesome compared to the later borrowed DSI experience i had. The software, the camera, the filters it all just worked. I would like to know how true this is for the ST8300 and the Qhy9 users.
This part annoys me, you ask other people to stay on topic (by which you mean discuss only the two cameras mentioned by the OP), then immediately bring some other cameras into the discussion. If you make rules you have to stick to them! The last sentence almost relates it back to the topic, but not quite.

Originally Posted by netwolf View Post
I would suggest a seperate thread to discuss AQE, as it seems to merit discussion on weahter such a curve could be derived for the Sony's.

Also its worth considering that it is the very comppetivie pricing of the Qhy that has brought abou the recent response in lowering of prices by other establisedh companies. Were it not for Qhy what would the ST8300 cost? competition is good and glad its there in this. I would like to see more affordable cameras like this in the future.
A separate thread on AQE would die a very quick death, it's too esoteric, it would degenerate into Ward bashing in no time. I don't know what you guys have against the Ferrari driving, airline piloting local SBIG dealer. Of course he's going to point out the good points of his camera range, of course he's going to mention the weak points of the opposition. I really don't think Peter makes a fortune out of selling his astro gear, he does it as a bit of a service really, OK he charges like the proverbial wounded bovine, but he doesn't sell enough to pay for the Ferrari's clutch. I have owned three SBIG products and not bought them off Peter. Secondhand is the way to go for CCD cameras! They can be much cheaper and as long as you ask for darkframes etc the purchase is pretty safe, all three of mine came from Astromart, all have been fine.

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