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re L lens purchase

Thanks chaps for your feed back,

I think this lens will do me very well,from what i can gather it rates

very well on Fred Miranda,its a proper pro photo journo lens,it will

cover mamy of my fields of endevour,including astronomy-which is'nt

the main reason for the lens,Terry-i already have 400 prime,so thanks

for pointer on that other lens.

RE-challange using low grade lens,NO THANKS,time is everything,i just

want to take some reasonable pics of whatever is on the menu for the

day,and put the camera away!i purchased a cheaper non canon brand

lens eariler this year.and do'nt like those sort of challanges!really it was'nt cheap at all,these L lens may seem dear,but really they are cheap

when results in the field really count,i have'nt got all day to play.

The lens is on its way,but i wo'nt have time to do any post for

awhile,so hopefully next year,Octane we will see what comes out

off it.

Merry Xmas to all

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