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Originally Posted by theodog View Post
Hi All,
This is an image taken last night. (HH74) 6x30min -darks
The data reduction was done in Astrometrica. (Green circles are reference stars)
The details of the image fit are in the window at the bottom of the image.
To the right is the magnitude estimate of the red circled object. (R=21.0)
I think there are fainter than this.
I don't doubt that you can reach mag 21, and reaching mag 21 is great however just a word of caution in case you are not aware: I remember trying to estimate my limiting mag in Astrometrica and when I read into it I discovered that for those "edge of detection" point sources like that the estimation is not more accurate to about +/- 2 mag. It was a while ago, and I can't remember the specifics.
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