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Mq question RE: I'm using my K100d for Astrophotography with ICNR set off for subs up to 2 minutes and I've noticed that compared to similar images taken by others with Canon camera's my subs are extremely noisy by comparison. Even darks taken to compensate for noise are extremely noisy. Is this normal or may the camera which I only purchased this year have a faulty censor.

The OZ Distributer's answer

I don't believe you have a faulty sensor rather a sensor that is inherently noisy. The K100D, K10D and the K200D all use CCD [Charged Coupled Device] type sensors which heat up considerably when longer exposures are made.

A more appropriate sensor is the CMOS [Complimentary Metal Oxide Semi-Conductor] which inherently have high noise immunity and low static power consumption, thus the sensor remains cooler during longer exposure. Our new K20D ($2000) has a 14 megapixel CMOS type sensor that would be more suitable for your application.

An even better alternative to single layer CMOS sensors is one where each colour is recorded on its own image layer suck as the Sigma SD-14. I'm attaching a link to a site where they have built a camera that uses the "Foveon X3" the same available SD-14.
I hope this info has helped, if you need further assistance please do not hesitate to contact....
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