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Hi Eric,

Glad you are enjoying your Argo Navis and getting the hang of it. I think it's such a great piece of gear I own 2 of them

I just wanted to confirm Geoff's comments that levelling the base is a totally unneccessary step with the capabilities of Argo Navis. Just put the scope down somewhere and away you go. With some of the older DSC systems it was a requirement that the scope base be level. Not with Argo.

But a tour of globular clusters in Tucana brought up NGC 121 which I hadn't seen before. Not surprising given NGC 104 (47 Tuc) is so close, it's hard to look elsewhere in the field of view!
NGC 362 (Caldwell 104) in Tucana on the Southern edge of the SMC is a wonderfull 6th magnitude globular that never gets the accolades it deserves because it has that other "searchlight" right near by

John B
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