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Eric the argonavis certainly is a fantastic piece of kit that multiplies the observing utility of the basic dob. You will see so many more objects than otherwise unless you're extremely proficient in starhopping and finding objects with charts.

When you do your initial 2 star alignment, it is actually effectively calculating the virtual orientation of your scopes base, making levelling of the base unnecessary. The fix alt-ref step provides that reference point.

In choosing alignment stars, you want to pick a pair that give you a good separation in both azimuth and altitude, without getting too close to zenith, so that sufficient encoder ticks are counted to provide sufficient resolution of the position differential in both axis.

I enjoy using mine in tour mode. Do a globular tour, planetary neb tour, galaxy tour. It helps to divide the sky up into segments by setting the " find objects within" say 60 or 90 degrees of the starting point. Make it too big and you'll spend a lot of time zigzagging back and forth as the objects appear to be presented in order of angular distance from the starting point.

With a little bit of practice you'll quickly get the hang of the menus and discover what a fantastic and powerful tool the AN is for deep sky viewing.

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