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All the smart money seems to be taking the view that with the launch of the Canon 350D and the 20D (astrophotography special), there are going to be plenty of 300Ds on ebay as people trade up.

There is no question in my mind-after having played with a modified Toucam for over a year, the Canon 300 D (which I have used only a couple of times so far) is so far in front it is worth every dollar extra-it cost three times what my Atik 1 c cost me.

BTW I bought it new from Hong Kong through ebay. you still have to pay freight, insurance and then Australian Customs, bless thier souls, slug you with a processing fee and GST but I still wound up saving around $100 compared to buying from my local Camera house.

my 2c-go the digital SLR route. A canon T adapter costs about $45 from bintel (from memory); a camera adapter from andrews is advertsied at $19.

You will probably eventually want to buy DSLR focus-$56. And then of course you can start thinking of guide scopes-what are you going to guide with? You will need a modified webcam or meade LPI or DSI..

and then filters..

And you wouldnt want to begin without Photoshop 6 or 7 (or CS if you really want to spend money).

astronomy can be an expensive hobby. Photography can also be an expensive hobby. Combine the two ..there are no savings to be had!
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