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Rohan, the simple answer to your question is, no. The two lenses definitely means that the setup won't be able to form an image and hence, it will not focus at all. It's like trying to put another normal lens in front of your current camera (just tried it out with my cameras just to see what it looks like...not a pretty picture!) - and the telescope is essentially another incredibly long telephoto lens so there is no way you can get it to focus.

I have just bought two step down rings at US$6.95 each off ebay that will allow me to attach my point and shoot digital camera (non-removeable lens as well) to my camera adapter (which holds the eyepiece in place). Hopefully I got the sizes right. Step down rings shouldn't be too expensive rohan, mine cost a little more than what I've seen them going for on ebay as I had to get weird sizes. The Bintel device you described sounds like a great idea, then all you need is a step down or step up ring, depending on the size of the thread on your digital camera (mine is 52mm so I had to get a step down ring).
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