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Originally Posted by bgilbert View Post
. G'day Dennis
. I thought you might be interested that one of our club members managed to image 2I/borisov with a 6 inch refractor, using about 5 minute integrate time with a cooled ZWO mono camera, and a good dose of smoke.
. It will probably appear on our club website shortly. We are contemplating registering our images on the Comet Observation Database COB, because there are no officially recorded images from the southern hemisphere, and we would like to represent Aussie amateurs.
. We could also provide assistance to iceinspace members on how to find, and image the comet with almost any telescope setup. The comet is about mag 15 or so at the moment probably fading to mag 20 in about twelve months and wont be returning any time soon, and remember it is the first interstellar comet ever observed.
Thanks Barry and a big well done to to the person that managed to grab an image.

A few weeks ago I did have an opportunity (clear skies, no smoke ) but The Sky X Pro put me in the wrong place, so my FOV missed the comet by about 5 or 6 degrees...

Was your colleague tracking on the comet for the 5 minute exposure, as I assume it would show quite a bit of movement against the BG stars for that length of time?


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