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. G'day Dennis,
One of our club members, Chris Wyatt is a comet watcher and belongs to an international organization of some sort (I can get details). He monitors several comets on a weekly basis and submits details, the details are then used to update position mag. etc. The position of 2I/borisov may be still being upgraded, as of the 6 Dec. no southern hemisphere submissions had been registered, the submission by Chris, being the first in the southern hemisphere to observe it,
. I'm trying to convince a friend of mine who works at siding springs to to stick an eyepiece or camera on the 3.9m or the 2.3 m., they are not generally used any more for visual observing. The 2.3 m is a possibility, it just needs an adapter to be machined and to sneak in some time somehow, it's generally fully booked.
. The other possibility is the 41 inch Milroy telescope at Coonabarabran, it is now privately owned, but I have earned some time on it, by performing maintenance on it. At its peak it was mag.15.5, it will be receding now, but with big scopes should be able to track it for months, depending on smoke.
. The other possibility is, our club, has managed to acquire one of the only two Hewitt cameras in the world, look up Hewitt camera on web.
. We replaced the film handling stuff and machined up a camera holding device and fitted a ZWO APS-C cooled sensor (forgotten it part number).
. This camera is 24 inch aperture f1 schmitt with field flattener, 34 inch mirror, made by Grubb and Parsons and weighs 9 tons, we added a ton to it for some reason. The full story is on our club website.

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