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Originally Posted by Paul Haese View Post

Allan, of course a review can be fair and impartial even when I have had to do repairs to get the telescope to work. Reviews are always what the consumers opinions are of a particular product. If I "tampered" with it to get it to work, then I am entitled to tell people what I think of delivered product. The review will be fair.

Hi Paul,
looking at the previous review

The review didn't take in the perspective of the the supplier
or the amateur market price point.

I can speak for what I know about as I'm involved with
electronics every day.
There was a problem with the connector.

That is a terrible solder joint & could never have worked properly.
I'm sure that Orion Optics must have been furious with whoever soldered it.
Orion paid for & trusted someone to solder that.
Imagine how Orion must have felt?

For a start such cheap connectors are not suitable for
a system requiring high reliability.
The RCA connector that the customer added was also not suitable.
You really need to have a MIL spec connector and cable e.g.
Such a MIL spec connector with proper solder joints &
suitably flexible strong cable would be far more reliable.
Notice it has a proper rubber cable sleeve protector used with a
2 screw cable clamp?
However - such connectors cost a lot of money -
they are difficult to find - and there is usually a MOQ on ones
like that out of China.

There is a nice used mating pair on Ebay:

here was the closest on Element14.

A plug is on Mouser:

I am having difficulty finding a matching pair on one website.
The date book has 73 pages to wade through.

Then you need the right cable.
OK - so for Orion to use such parts they
would need someone to find the right parts that will match.
They need a person they can trust to solder them up
& put heat shrink over the solder joints -
then test the cable.
They need to set up a new supplier or suppliers in their system,
change their engineering drawings.
It all costs a lot more money.
So something that we might see is as simple as a connector is not so simple.
I have seen quite simple MIL spec cables like the one needed costing over $400
& complicated ones costing over $5,000.

Orion is appealing to the amateur market where not many people would
pay that sort of money.
If every connector and cable in a whole system was MIL spec
it would possibly double or triple the price of their product.
That doesn't excuse their bad soldering but I think I've made a good point.
Bad soldering happens and is something that is hard to stop
from ever happening again.
I've seen companies that can never get their soldering right
no matter how many pictures & emails I send them.
I don't think Orion is like that.

Amateurs could save a lot of money by buying a product
and later modifying it themselves with quality Mil Spec connectors -
as long as they are prepared to put a lot of time in and
have proper soldering equipment & experience.

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