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New ASI1600 Update Version Aleady? & New Driver

I am hearing rumours that ZWO is about to ship a new version of the ASI1600 Cool camera, which will incorporate a USB hub socket in place of the old spot for the guide port. This is apparently to support/intergrate the ZWO filter wheel which is coming out as well.
There was a post on CN about it:

I am not a member of Yahoo Group so I can't see the link they are talking about but maybe others can.

I am abit concerned about having a superceded model already, and there are not that many out there. Wonder if ZWO is going to retrofit the USB hub and case changes to previously sold models? No word on that. I hope they have beta tested the integrated USB hub with their new filter wheel, and other wheels (might be a problem there), and potential impacts on the still unresolved USB3 issues in the present software. Might be moving too fast.

I also have had a message on CN from Sam (ZWO) asking me to test a new ASCOM camera driver version - copy is attached here:

"can you test our new ASCOM driver and feedback
just to make sure the old strange bias problem won't happen in this version"
http://astronomy-ima...p V1.0.2.12.exe

I don't know exactly what the "old strange bias problem" is that he is referring to, anyone else know?
Its not likely I can test in the next week looking at the moon times and the weather forecast, but someone else might want to look at that driver release. I am happy enough with V1.0.2.5. which I am still running. Perhaps this new version also supports the USB hub port changes in the new version.
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