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Originally Posted by RickS View Post
If you look at the CCDI data you'll see that, on average, the blue subs are less bright than the red and green subs (Background).

When the subs get stretched the blue ones need to be stretched further and the blue channel stars bloat giving a blue halo. It's the same reason that Hubble palette images have magenta star halos.


I appreciate that you pointed this out. No doubt this is part of the equation. However, it doesn't exactly explain why the blue looks so much worse than anything I previously got with my KAF8300 CCD camera. Nor would it explain quite bloated bright stars in luminance.

I'm beginning to think that it might be due to the fact that TEC colour correction goes from 436 nm - 1000 nm, but the Baader transmits to ca 380 nm. Together with the ca 40% QE of the Sony chip at 380 nm might this be the reason?

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