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Originally Posted by Paddy View Post
As always I'm amazed at what you can pick up in some of these faint galaxies Sab. And mag 14.9 in a 12" scope with light polluted skies - words fail me. An enjoyable and interesting read. Looking forward to part 2.

Sorry, I got so carried away with your descriptions I forgot to congratulate you on such a great new mirror!

Thanks Paddy! I live in the outer suburbs, so light pollution at my place isn't too bad, not quite what you'll find in the inner suburbs. NELM is around 5.5 typically. I use a black hood draped over my head, this IMO make a big difference in spotting these faint fuzzies, as does using high magnification. On this night I couldn't go as high as I wanted to as seeing was quite soft, but still managed to glimpse a mag 15.6 star. Will be interesting to find out what the mirror can do under dark skies and with good seeing!

Originally Posted by DavidU View Post
Awesome Sab !It looks like the mirrors are superb.
Finally got around to it hey! I've lost count of the weeks

Originally Posted by ausastronomer View Post
Nice observing report Sab.

I have had my 14"/F4.5 Zambuto mirror for about 3 years now and I can tell you it's as good as it gets, as you found out last night. The absolute creme de la creme. You will also find that because the mirror is so superbly smooth it seems to have an ability to "cut through" average seeing, whereas lower quality mirrors seem to be more affected by marginal seeing conditions.

Enjoy !!! It gets no better.

John B
Thanks John. The moment I focused on Saturn, the difference between this mirror and the old one is night and day. The planet just seemed to "pop". Vibrant colours, contrast and sharpness. Can't wait for some good seeing! Roll on next clear night, moon or not

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Someone's got a big fat cherry to chomp on, .
Give me KFC any day over cherries
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