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As dumb mistakes go, this was a doozy...

I have a new pc which required several hours of attention to have all the software loaded. I then fiddled with settings for what seemed like days.

I then set up FocusMax and CCDAP. Done

Last night I managed a 4 hour session on the Cat's Paw region - 2 hours L and 2 hours RGB. The subs looked good - very good for me. I haven't been able to image anything meaningful for months so I was extra excited to start processing this morning.

RGB looked good. But the LRGB combine in PI just wouldn't play nicely. It washed out the image and left me with a sludgy brown background.

Can you guess where this is going? The Lagoon looked quite pink - salmon really.

Yes - I had set up the filter wheel to think that the Ha filter was L.


At least I know how to fix it!

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