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I'll wade in with my two cents FWIW...

I own & have owned a number of filters, here are my thoughts:

Colour filters: I have a number, I use them very occasionally.. on planets. My most used is an 82A (light blue).. the others are useful to a point but, all of them impose a colour cast on your viewing.. they are cheap enough however so, not a huge waste if you don't use them all the time.

Narrowband Filters: These are your UHC, OIII, Ha, etc.. I own two UHC (one 1.25" & one 2"). The most used filter in my collection, fantastic for helping certain types of Nebula pop... definitely worth owning one. OIII, I own one, I barely ever use it.. maybe I use it on the wrong things but, I just haven't found a great deal of use for it... don't own the others so can't comment.

Lunar Filters: Own two neutral density filters. Used to use them don't anymore.. If I do Lunar viewing then, that's all I do.. I let my eyes adjust to the brightness of the moon in whatever state & the views are crystal clear & superb detail. Is it bright, you bet but, your eyes are pretty amazing & will adjust accordingly.. Still own the NDs but, rarely if ever use them anymore..

Light Pollution Filters: I've owned a couple.. CLS, not convinced it does that good a job & absolutely detest the blue colour cast it puts on everything.. don't own one for visual.. do own a clip in for my DSLR, not convinced about it though.. although, you can process out the colour cast I guess. I own a Neodymium Moon & Skyglow filter.. it seems to have considerably less of a colour cast.. does it work... hmmm.. I really don't know.. haven't used it that much.. will see if I can give it a bit more of a run in the more light polluted part of the sky &/or as the moon gets brighter & see..

Definitely get yourself a UHC filter for nebula though... you won't regret it

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