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Finally had a quite reasonable night's seeing at Warwick on Friday, and attempted the Cartwheel Galaxy (PGC 2248) as described by Les, which has been on my mind for a year now. All I can say is, his 63.5cm scope must be a beast. With averted vision I could just barely make out the merest suggestion of an approximation of the faintest of faint gossamer smudges, but certainly no ring structure.

That being said, the rest of the night was awesome. The Horsehead was directly visible, if not particularly sharp. I'd only ever seen it once before, and that was with averted imagination. I've never seen Orion with such brightness, detail and clarity around the sweeping edges between light and dark - an oiii filter didn't seem to make a major difference. Picked up two moons on Uranus and one on Neptune. 47 Tuc through my 3D Denkmeier Binoviewers was astounding.
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