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Iíve had a good run of conditions this week to continue chasing the fainter moons of Jupiter. Last years opposition I managed to observe Himalia, Elara and Pasiphae.

Iíve been trying and failing for Amalthea for the last couple of years. Itís a very close orbiting moon that perhaps only 20 people have ever seen. Well I finally saw it on Monday for a 15 minute window while it was at max elongation from Jupiter. Took 619x and 808x to see it in the 32Ē.

I followed that with Carme and Sinope over successive nights. They are around magnitude 18. Still have Lysithea and Ananke on the list, but they are currently closer to 19th magnitude, and will brighten 0.5 magnitude over the next four weeks, so Iíll try for those right on opposition. So far I canít find any information indicating anyone has ever visually seen these fainter four moons.

So currently Iím at 10 Jovian moons and should get to 12, and Iím up to 27 solar system moons in all. Itís a good challenge if youíre looking for one.
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