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Markus, when I was imaging I did used to image across the Meridian but without all the hoopla. By that I mean my mount, a CGX has the ability to image continuously across the Meridian by up to 20 degrees. Often I was asleep while that was going on, but SGP would alert me via email if necessary. I had Teamviewer running from the Observatory laptop to my little Netbook next to my bed.
Caveats, never did it with any SCT, would not own one anyway, too many problems, only newts and refractors, proper imaging rigs. The CGX had internal soft and hard stops, so it was in no danger of going too far. By imaging continuously across there was no need to plate solve after a flip.Balance was rarerly an issue as the CGX is a good belt drive mount with spring loaded worms, and i would run pretty neutral weight, but a tad nose heavy.
So again, only through the Meridian up to the soft stop setting, which was 20 degrees past the Meridian. But I always prefer the East side, as in that direction I was imaging over the Pacific, never below 40 degrees (which is usually where I would start). Once past the Meridian trees came into play past 20 degrees over anyway, so no need to go further. And you know there is always another night.
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