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Originally Posted by Saturnine View Post
Just for added interest, on the 6th June starting at 04:30 am there will be a not so common shadow transit of Callisto. One shadow transit may seem like any other to some people but it is a way of seeing the dynamics of orbital motion at play.
There will be a few more Callisto transits this planet season to whet the appetite too.
Thanks, I saw this about 5.30 and 6.20am. It was noticable how more slowly Callisto shadow moved compared with other shadow transists.

From memory, last year the shadow was missing Jupiter, so I expected the shadow to be very close to the poles. It kind of was, but nevertheless at a lower latitude than I was expecting.

I used my Vixen ED 81with 5mm Delite and 8 & 10mm Radians. This is a great grab and go scope to use when one is still half alseep.
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