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Hi All
Well for once , when there was something not so frequent happening, we actually had clear calm conditions. Maybe too calm as the dew was dripping off everything and the seeing was not very good despite forecasts, typical of around here because of the topography.
Did manage to get a good look at the transits and to take some video but of course had tracking issues with the EQ6, I think that the 10' f6 newt is a bit more than the mount can cope with.
Watching the shadows glide across the disc and the moons disappear against the bright limb along with the Red Spot coming around the limb and traversing the disc as well was worth the effort and am looking forward to a few more in the coming months.
Certainly hope that everyone who made the effort enjoyed the show.

Originally Posted by Quopaz View Post
Well that was amazing- I hope you guys got that! I missed the first half hour due to clouds, then they cleared! And the seeing was very good, for a while, then it deteriorated a bit. I started with the 2x barlow doing drift runs, had good views of the 2 shadows. I went till my hands froze then had to go and warm up. When I came back the red spot was coming into view as well, and I swapped to the 3x barlow. So there were 2 shadows and the red spot all at the same time. I'll get something but it will take me a long time to go through it all. Really wish I had tracking. My best views of Jupiter yet. Thanks Jeff!
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