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Originally Posted by Kuz View Post
Looks like I might have join the book face
I felt the same way don't you worry.
But it is ok if you don't get involved ..but don't get involved other than the prompts you with all these people who you may know and you can ask them to take you on as a friend..I saw my mate there who was the most unlikely face book person..anyways now I get stuff from him every second day to the point where I just ignore does have a video conference link thing which I thought was cool but there are other apps that enable such..actually I think the vid is via messenger...a novelty but the time lag makes it impractical.
Please file a report here when you have it going..a review I suppose so others may benefit from your experience and impressions..
I get the impression that the face book thing with Asiair works such that users feed back to zwo and stuff gets changed as a may find that they will be chatting about the focuser..which got going as a result of this group I believe..
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