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Asi air cable connections

Hi all need help with how to set up asi air , I am trying to set up air air to my mount . Very hard to find out any info on line , I have a zwo 290 mini guide scope and 294mc pro as cameras also have a skywatcher new 6 pro mount with latest synscan controller. I have a usb connection from 290 mini to 294 pro than I have usb 3 in connection to asi air . . Do I just run a st4 cable from 290 guide camera into auto guide port on neq6 mount and than a shoe string cable from asi air to mount or do I run st4 cable from guide camera into synscan hand piece and power synscan via sub power on 294 pro. Do I need to use syn scan at all or can I remove it from maze of cables thanks in advance hope that makes sense I am wanting to use sky safari 6 pro to control my scope

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