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Just came back in from a session with my little 114mm scope and the LN300 camera. I have to say that I am disappointed with the image I was getting on my computer monitor - not as good as that with the camera connected to my kids' portable DVD player. I first suspect that the video program may not be good enough. I just did not get the same image quality.

Anyway, the pics I took are good enough for comparison reasons, if nothing else. So squint your eyes a bit when looking at the following photos!

I've set up the photos to compare the GSTAR EX colour camera, followed with the LN-300. Same objects, same scope, same single screen snapshot. The sense-up function on the GSTAR goes to 256X, and limited gamma gain control. The sense-up function on the LN-300 goes to 1064X, and a whole lot more gain control. On the kids' player, NGC 253 extends beyond the reach of the screen!

The GSTAR images are much more washed out. And the computer monitor just does not do justice to the image seen on the kids' DVD player, particularly for NGC 253.

So, in order of appearance, 47 Tuc, M42 and NGC 253. The Gain on the LN-300 photos was turned OFF, except with the additional pic of NGC 253 where gain is set to medium by way of comparison.

I now need to find a better image capture program for the computer. A live video feed on a humble little portable DVD player is so much better than my computer screen. Honest!

Edit: It may not be the software that's corrupting the image quality, but the usb video grabber gadget that lies between the computer and the co-ax cable.
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