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Adrian, the difference between the pics of mine firstly are due to the focal ratio of each scope - one's f/4 the other f/10. But also the camera. The GSTAR colour camera I used has too much gamma gain, so things come washed out quickly under urban skies. The monochrome GSTAR camera has more gain control, so doesn't wash out, as too does the LN300. I might be able to get a pic or two using the LN300 over the next few days as the clouds have cleared for a few days. You'll see quite a difference.

Philip, I'm glad you posted those pics. They show that video not only provides a live feed, but the saved AV can be post processed using the same software as for AP to produce outstanding results, not just with DSO's but also the Moon and planets.

Mallincam is also close to releasing their most sensitive monochrome camera shortly (a little bird told me, ) More sensitive and better resolution. Rock Mallin is always on the lookout for the best CCD chips available to produce better video astronomy cameras. Another camera line to keep an eye out for. Mallincams have a following here in Oz.
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