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Originally Posted by Sunfish View Post
An SCT works well on a wedge on a pier. A pier top plate I use has three holes in a 12 mm thick alloy plate 200 diameter to take the wedge. It is countersunk bolted on to an 80 mm diameter solid aluminium bar 200 long and another matching plate which has holes to to take the fork without the wedge when reversed. The 80 mm bar gives access to the back of the plates for bolting with butterfly nuts . It was made by a scientist friend in his workshop for the SCT and bolts to a welded plate on top of the CHS pier .

It is quite heavy loading the SCT and fork on the wedge so do not make the plate too high and use a safe platform. I imagine a c11 would require some help lifting but the fork on the wedge can stand balanced until bolted so perhaps a matching loading table would help.

Wish I could have this friend
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