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I left two (RA and DEC) of the worm shaft caps off (the ones on the side of the mount where the power and hand control connections are as this end of the worm shaft is retained in place by a screw-in ring. I then inserted a small length of plastic tube over the end of the shaft so the tube was protruding out of the mount. You can then turn this either with your fingers (without reaching into the housing) or with an electric drill.

Using this tube to rotate the worm I found the high (tight) point on the worm ring gear (I think pretty much all of these mounts have some degree of run out). I then adjusted the gear mesh at this point. I also found the feel of this adjustment was easier if the mount was somwhat balanced (I extended the counterweight shaft).

Hope this makes sense - if not let me know and I'll post a picture.

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