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I generally use what you originally listed (steps 1-4 for each set, the step 5 to create a set of registered images from ALL sessions combined, integrate etc..). I should but dont use blink as my sets are around 500x 56MP RAWS each session and i'm generally lazy and happy enough with my results regardless. Except if its rare data for me to capture then I put in the time to manually check each frame to try to make the most with what I got.

I capture untracked dslr and i'll often find five good frames that have my target well centered for least distortion and manually align them (dynamic star alignment) then integrate them to an integration target frame to then register the whole set against. When I have noisy (high iso) data I find this really helps registration accuracy for me. Plus I can easily combine data from different equipment if I want (ALL frames are scaled and cropped to the same field of view and size of my integration target).
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