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Ok to generate more interest and since I can handle the soldering of this DIY PCB, I will offer to populate qty 2 PCB DIY kits (that is solder in components), that steveastrouk, (on CN) offered to make up and sell at cost.

Steve is a research engineer and buying in bulk lowers the cost, but he offered to make up parts kits and PCBs for cost to people that ask.

Obviously some members on IIS might be interested but lack the soldering skills, so I'll be happy to solder in the parts (and probably install drivers) for them, no cost, nada. You'll have to pay postage to/from me and buy the kits from Steve, but I'll do the PCB population and post them back.

I'll put this out for only IIS members who lack soldering skill required, not those too busy or wanting a freebie pass. This will also help me in a way in that production building is far easier than one off runs. Also I have the ability to source spare parts if something is amiss or not working right (although not a sensor). I cannot guarantee your PCB works when built, but I do have the resources to fault find and fix.

I did something similar some time back with the "Sharpsky focuser" and this helped quite a few members. Obviously this is a bigger project but nonetheless, I'm happy to help.

Obviously you'll need an ICX453AQ sensor, from either a Nikon D40/D50/D70/D70s. I purchased a Nikon D70s body from fleabay for just this. Again I cannot guarantee your sensor, but, hey this is looking at worst case but really it'll be fine, depends on how careful you were in removing it! In fact is local we can probably share the DMSO solvent costs.

Frankly this project has a while to go and is not finalised yet so there is no great rush, but if you are interested and want in but lack the soldering skills...then I can help but, PM Steve for a kit and contact me. I'll leave this offer at qty 2 PCB kits atm but might be open to help more if really needed.

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