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Originally Posted by koputai View Post

DN = Diffuse Nebula ?
EG GC = Extra-Galactic Globular Cluster ?
BN = ?
CS = ?
EN = ?
Hi Jason,

DN = Dark Nebula
EG GC = Extra Galactic Globular Cluster
BN = Bright Nebula
CS = Carbon Star
EN = Emission Nebula

Some of the references I sourced use the term bright nebula to cover both emission and reflection nebula. Where that was the case I stuck with the terms used in the reference material. In many cases the term Bright nebula has been attached to nebula complexes which contain both emission and reflection components. I thought about breaking this down an extra level but ultimately I decided it was a fair bit of extra work for zero gain.

Originally Posted by koputai View Post

Also, there are three constellation abreviations, AQL, AQR, and AQU which appear to be used across two constellations, Aquila and Aquarius.

Once again, thanks for your work, this is an excellent idea.

There was actually one target in Aquila and one target in Aquarius that were given the wrong constellation abbreviation of AQU. That came about as a result of slipping fingers, a brain fart or tiredness; or a combination of all 3. In any case I have corrected both of those errors and Mike Salway will upload the revised file for me within the next few hours. Thanks for pointing that error out. If anyone else sees any other "glitches" could they please let me know.

John B

PS: Book posted today.
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