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Yes definitely go to a star party and have a look through different eyepiece telescope combinations and preferably in your own 'scope. Try different focal lengths too.

Other than that give Bintel a call as they currently have Celestron X-Cel LX on sale and these would definitely be a step up from your stock Plossls although I have not personally used these so I recommend advice from Bintel.



If budget was not an issue I would recommend Tele Vue as these are highly corrected eyepieces and work well in ANY telescope to f4. Primary mirror coma can also be corrected with the Paracorr. Note primary mirror coma alone is quite insignificant compared to the aberrations caused by a poorly designed eyepiece and a Paracorr won't make a poorly designed eyepiece perform much better other than adding a 1.15x amplification giving a flatter field.


Tele Vue also make Plossl types and although these are high quality the design still means a small eye lens and short eye relief especcially in the 8 & 11mm.

If you can find a used Nagler, any TYPE (generation) within budget, go for it. Any of the newer types (DeLite, Delos, Ethos) will serve you well too with the first two having the long eye relief. A used Tele Vue Radian would also be excellent value.

Whatever you choose, enjoy!
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