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Originally Posted by DeWynter View Post
For the planet one try to get Vixen SLV. They are about $200 AUD delivered. has wide range of them. Sorry, no 2.5mm - I got the last one. They have 50 view, but for planetary viewing it's perfectly fine. Image quality is quite high.

For the 20-25mm range try Explore Scientific 68 series. They (20mm and 24mm) are relatively cheap and and would cost you about $200 AUD delivered from US. Not sure who is selling them here in Australia. ES 68 24mm is arguably the best in the 68 series with great image.

If you are willing to pay more then try Explore Scientific 82 Series 30mm - an outstanding eyepiece for very moderate price. Solid piece of glass and metal. Weight 1kg(!!!) About $300 USD. I guess only TV Nagler 31mm or Ethos/Delos can beat it, but at a completely different price.
Thanks so much, will look into ES eyepieces
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